4 Moves to Tone That BUTT


A strong set of glutes (butt) is more important than you may realise. A lean, strong set of glutes muscles are essential for a healthy posture and the power you need to climb hills and sprint as fast as you can. It’s a big set of muscles and may need a little extra attention. These exercises will challenge your butt, your legs and get you burning kilojoules!




1. Step up – high!

Find a step (not too high, not too low) and step up and leap into the air if possible. Repeat x 20 on right leg and then swap over.

Stepup.high Step.low


2. Squat kicks

Position feet about shoulder width apart. Lower into a squat position (bum back!) and then raise the body while kicking at the same time. Repeat x 20 on right leg and then swap over.

Squatkicks.low Squatkicks.high


3. Squat Leaps

Ah, my favourite. Get into a squat position with feet a little wider than shoulder width. Make sure the knees stay aligned with toes and don’t jut forward past the toes at any time. Squat, touch the floor (if you can – don’t worry if you can’t and don’t overarch your back to do it, just squat) and then jump into air.



4. Dynamic lunges

With back heel off the ground and front leg bent at the knee, drop down and come back up for one repetition. Then leap into air and swap legs! This gets the heart rate up and ensures a tough leg workout. Repeat x 20.



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