5 Tips for Preparing Healthy Work Lunches

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By Rosemary Marchese

Physiotherapist and mum of 3 fit kids

Weight gain often starts at work. Yep, right when you’re trying to move forward with your life that little extra ‘pudge’ starts creeping onto your rear end while you sit and try to finish that winning report. The two main reasons for weight gain at work are sitting on your butt for too long (we don’t move enough!) and eating the wrong food (how’s that cookie jar looking?).

Without two main ingredients in your day – active living and nourishing food – you aren’t going to be 100% productive at work. This equates to having to stay back longer to get things finished and even less time for other parts of your life that you enjoy. So, today let’s start with my top 5 tips for preparing a healthy lunch for work, but quickly.

Healthy Work Lunches

  1. Salad, salad and more salad. Look at those colours! Summer is the best time to chop up a few different coloured veges and pack them into an airtight container. Add in a protein, e.g. chicken (cooked the night before), boiled egg (while you having a breakfast) or a can of tuna (no prep – yay!) and bring your own quickly made balsalmic vinegar and olive oil dressing. If you can’t do this in less than 10 minutes then you need more practice!
  2. Leftovers! Now, there are plenty of items sitting in family fridges right now that have been cooked last night and will easily go into the bin tonight. Prepare your work lunch for the next day the night before as you clean up your dinner dishes. Roast chicken can be used for a chicken wrap or salad, pasta heats up easily the next day, and your own stir fry is likely to be a lot healthier than anything you can buy (well, at least you know what’s in it!).

3. Make a batch of soup on Sunday and freeze in small portions. Have an airtight, well-sealed container to put your soup in and these make for awesome mid-week lunches.

  1. Keep a set of ‘staples’ in the pantry that can be easily used when you have few options. I’m thinking tuna for making wraps, red kidney beans for adding a little extra goodness to a salad and some cous cous that you could easily take to work and pour the kettle of water over to prepare at lunch time to add to your stir fry (rather than a side of rice).
  • Always add as much ‘fresh’ food to your day to supplement your lunch. Apples, bananas and tubs of blueberries are easily transportable and can be easily consumed between meetings! Other snacks include nuts and homemade muffins.

  • On top of all that, get some vitamin D and head outside at least once during your work day. A healthy lunch and some sunshine is definitely going to prepare you better for a productive afternoon, compared to sitting at your screen while you eat!


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