7 Butt Shrinking Tips!

Training hard but not seeing that ‘BUTT’ do what you want it to do? If want to LOVE YOUR BUTT, then you need to do something about it. Sitting at a desk all day WILL change its shape…but it’s out of the way right? Who will notice? YOU will! Here are 7 ways to shrink it!

My top crazy butt tips:

1. Make sure it is in FULL VIEW.

Yes, that’s right. No hiding in big floppy tracksuit pants as you train. Get dressed for your workouts like you mean it. If you’re serious about getting the body you want then leave the floppy, comfy trackies for reading your book before bed, not your training sessions.

2. Squat at the clothesline.

Yep. That’s right. Those who know me know that this is one of my favourites. Making the most of opportunities to squat during the day is a great (and funny) way to get those extra butt contractions in every day. Think about how many times you might bend over (straining your back mind you) to pick up clothes out of a basket to hang them on the line. Well, how many ‘squat opportunities’ did you miss? Think about how many squats you would have done by the end of the year if you did this every day? If you don’t hang your clothes think about another opportunity where you bend over to do a household chore. Did you use your back or your legs and butt?

3. Sloooow down the squats and lunges.

Squats and lunges should be written in the ‘crazy butt workout’ bible if you ask me. They are great for toning up and giving you a ‘lift’. But most people I see rush these a little too much. It’s good to slow down the contractions and really use your butt muscles to help you lift as you raise your body from the bottom of the movement.


4. Hold your squats and lunges at the bottom of the move.

Once you are at the bottom of your squat and/or lunge movement, adding in a 30 second ‘hold’ is a great way to add a little more intensity to a butt and leg workout.


5. Clench your butt during the day.

Pick one activity that you do per day, say have a shower. Use that as your opportunity to do 20 clenches of your butt muscles. A little bit every day DOES go a long way.

6. Burn fat.

Yes, you MUST burn the fat if you want a crazy butt! No point having a solid, strong set of butt muscles if there is too much fat on top to cover it all up. To do this you must train and train hard. Walk, run, swim, jog, skip etc. Include a 30-minute workout every day (yes, you can have Sunday off) and make sure there is some resistance training in there twice per week to get your metabolic rate ramped up between sessions. Oh and don’t forget to keep moving during the day – take the stairs, walk to the bus stop and hang the clothes.

7. Add hills to your walks and runs.

Climbing hills takes more effort from your butt muscles so pick out a track that is hilly and start today!

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