8 Minute Lean Legs Workout

Keep it short, sharp and effective. Training sessions don’t need to be long and I am a huge advocate for 30 minute door-to-door workouts. But here’s another one of my quick workouts for the ‘time-poor’ days or as a great addition to a training session. This short session can be done anywhere, any time. You just need a bench and skipping rope.

The best part is  you are getting a leg and butt workout but also getting your heart rate up! This will burn loads of kilojoules in a short period of time. Plus, you are using bodyweight training as a form of resistance training – this will emphasis lean muscle building, which will make you a fat burning machine even when you are not training!

Give me 4 minutes of 30 second intervals and then repeat. Go! (Hint: Beginners might want to try 15 second intervals and go through the circuit twice. Just use a lower bench and no weights).


30 seconds of each of the following:

  1. Jump ups
  2. Weighted lunges (Right)
  3. Skip
  4. Weighted lunges (Left)
  5. Squat (touch ground) and then jump up
  6. Skip
  7. Tuck jumps
  8. Sprint

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