VET Consultant and Advisor

Rosemary is a Vocational Education and Training Consultant (VET) with extensive experience in assisting a range of organisations to meet their training package requirements.

Rosemary’s extensive understanding of the requirements of training packages, combined with years of experience in content development, assessment and training, makes her a highly sought after consultant in this area.

Her experience extends to working with Service Skills Australia, TAFE, private RTOs and Pearson Australia.

Rosemary has worked in VET for 15 years, developing a wealth of experience on the front line in training and assessment, as well as behind the scenes in the fundamental requirements of training packages and RTOs. She provides her clients with upmost attention to detail, being fully adaptable to suit the requirements of their organisation. Rosemary’s expertise include:

  • development of innovative learning and assessment materials
  • unpacking of training packages to suit the needs of an RTO
  • advising on course development and delivery for RTOs
  • understanding and working within training package standard requirements.


Rosemary Marchese is a highly respected author who demonstrates excellent knowledge of the fitness industry. Her knowledge, both of the field of fitness and the Training Package, is clearly reflected in the quality and content of her writing seen across the multitude of resources she has developed including, texts and assessment packages.

–- Gurdish Gill, Pearson Australia