Who am I?

I am a physiotherapist and medical, health and fitness educator and writer. I work with clients who are looking for a dynamic medical writer who understands guidelines, best-practices, health literacy and audience engagement. I have 27 years of experience in the fitness industry and 20 years of experience in the health industry. I combine my passion for fitness and health as an educator and write. 

I recently owned Schroth Scoliosis Physiotherapy Clinic because I am passionate about empowering patients with scoliosis to live their best life. I travelled extensively to get the best scoliosis education possible and I applied this education to my writing and my patients. I have now moved back into the world of education and writing as the Head of Education and the Chair of the Academic Advisory Board for Clean Health Fitness Institute. I am also the Learning and Development Specialist for ScoliCare Clinic. Both these companies have a world-wide market and strive to be the very best in their fields. I am also currently completing my Master of Research at Macquarie University in the field of exercise for adolescents with idiopathic scoliosis. 

Writing and editing

I am author of a textbook that has progressed to its 4th edition with discussions currently taking place for a 5th edition for 2021.  I have extensive experience in writing blogs, units of competency, and course content and curriculum. I am currently also conducting research in the area of scoliosis.

My combined expertise in the writing and the clinical world of medicine and health is what my clients are looking for. I work with clients who are looking for a writer who understands guidelines and best practices.

Drawing on my experience in working with patients with the complexities of scoliosis, I am dedicated to producing high-quality writing solutions that achieve your goals.

Courses and education

My skills extend to course curriculum and course writing and development. I have experience in technical writing for health and fitness RTOs and other educational organisations.  Currently I am the Head of Education at Clean Health Fitness Institute. It is my role to lead a dynamic team of writers and assessors in the accredited and non-accredited training space. I am also Chairwoman of the Academic Advisory Board. I am also Learning and Development Specialist for Scolicare. It is my role to manage and develop the learning and development of medical and health professionals in the field of scoliosis.

Medical and health topics

I write about all health topics and have extensive experience in:

  • Fitness, medical and health related topics
  • Physiotherapy related topics
  • Scoliosis
  • Scheurmann’s Disease
  • Spinal health
  • Posture
  • Pregnancy, obstetrics and women’s health
  • Healthy lifestyle topics
  • Behaviour change
  • General practice.

I also have extensive experience in technical writing and preparing courses for audits in RTOs.


I was the owner of Schroth Scoliosis Physiotherapy Clinic in Sydney. I ran this small, niche clinic because of my passion for helping patients with scoliosis. The demand for more research in this area, coupled with my passion for research, writing and education, saw me close this clinic in 2020 in order to pursue a Master of Research at Macquarie University.

Career background

With a degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Sydney, I began my medical and health writing career in 2005 with industry-related articles and my first book published. This is an award-winning textbook which was published in its 4th edition in 2019 and is still selling strong in the marketplace. I was responsible for the book from the proposal to getting the book ready for the publisher.  I know the book publishing process well!

I became a freelance technical and medical and health writer in 2005 and have coupled that with clinical work. I now also own Schroth Scoliosis Physiotherapy Clinic in Sydney. This is a small, specialised clinic focused on patients with scoliosis. I collaborate with the best medical and and allied health professionals around the world. I am committed to travelling to ensuring I continue my life-long learning from the best in their fields.