Scoliosis Physiotherapist

I was the owner for Schroth Scoliosis Physiotherapy Clinic in Sydney. I ran this small and personalised clinic, where I focused on assessment and treatment of Scoliosis, Scheurmann’s Disease, and complex postural and spine issues. I also provided a Telehealth (online consultation) service for remote patients. I am one of only a few physiotherapists in Australia trained in the Schroth scoliosis method under the Barcelona School of Physical Therapy. I am also trained in the SEAS (Scientific Exercise Approach to Scoliosis). I have travelled overseas multiple times for all of this training. I am a member of  SOSORT (The International Society of Scoliosis Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Treatment). I am also Chair of the Membership Committee for SOSORT.

In August 2020 I closed this clinic to focus my attention to learning and development of scoliosis and to commence a Master of Research in the area of exercise for adolescents with idiopathic scoliosis.