How to Get Moving When You Can’t Be Stuffed!

Tired? Got no energy? Who can be stuffed getting out of bed to exercise? Seriously, I get it. It’s tough. But here’s the secret. There is no secret. There is no ‘motivation’ to find under a bed. Exercise has to become a habit. No ifs, or buts. You just need to move and make no exceptions.

Bench leapsI’ve recently been known to say that exercise needs to become a habit just like brushing your teeth. There are things like brushing teeth, getting kids ready for school and making it to work on time that are just not optional. Exercise has to be the same for the sake of your own health and sanity. It doesn’t have to be at a gym. It just has to be something you do every day.

Tips to get you moving:

  1. Start slowly. Just start moving. And start today. There is no ‘next week’. Start today.
  2. Make movement part of your life. Get up and walk the dog. Walk home from school with the kids. Ride your bike to the shops. Whatever. Just get moving.
  3. Schedule in 30 minutes every day for set exercise. Put it in the diary and keep it as an appointment that you don’t miss.
  4. If you are notorious for struggling to ‘find the time’ or are quite familiar with excuses then I strongly suggest training in the morning. You wont ‘find’ any more motivation later in the day.
  5. Lay out your clothes for training the night before. Just get up and get dressed. You are less likely to hop back into bed dressed.
  6. Keep training to 30 minutes and it wont be such a big deal. Use interval training and mix up your training regularly.
  7. Look for extra ways to ‘add in’ exercise or movement. If a friend asks to meet for lunch try suggesting meeting for a walk instead. These little additional sessions can be great ‘buffers’ to counter-act any missed sessions on days when it really is impossible.
  8. Look for opportunities not excuses. Can’t leave the house? Train indoors. Can’t afford a gym? Try a local park.Jump up on bench
  9. Commit to training with a friend who has similar goals. Setting a time to meet a friend turns the exercise into a commitment.

Above all, write your commitment down. Keep it in a diary and tick it off when done.

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