No Flabby Arms Workout

Want to get rid of some that flab at the back of your arms? Well, you do need to train hard and do some work on cutting down the body fat. But in terms of toning up that little hidden extra piece of flesh, there’s a few handy exercises you can do to sort that out.

1. Wide grip push-ups – these will tone the back of the arms and chest.IMG_0948


2. Narrow-grip push ups – these ones will give you a little more focus at the back of the arm because there is less chance for the chest muscles to get involved.

IMG_0953_Tricep push up - upIMG_0954_Tricep push up down

  1. Dips– ah these are just great. Find a bench and go!






Ideally, you can do resistance training 2-3 times per week. Remember to have a rest day in between to allow muscles to recover and minimise the risk of injury.


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