The Essential Guide to Fitness: For the Fitness Instructor 3e

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As a physiotherapist who works a lot in the fitness industry I have led a slightly different career path to other physios and personal trainers. I have ‘trained the trainers’ for over 15 years and in the early days the students would often ask me ‘What textbook should I buy?’ So, I wrote one. The Essential Guide to Fitness was born in 2005 (ironically the same year I became a ‘Fit Busy Mum’) and is now about to head into its 3rd edition and this time in full colour. So exciting!

The Essential Guide to Fitness: For the Fitness Instructor

I love getting feedback from trainers, assessors and students (of course it’s always great to hear about why people love your book). I honestly believe that this book speaks the language of the next budding fitness guru who is just starting out in the industry whilst providing support for the trainer and assessor. Learning all that anatomy and physiology was just one of the huge challenges I saw students face as they started their personal training careers. This book starts from scratch on all major fitness topics but gets to the point really quickly. You get the information you really need with the support of a companion website if you need it.

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