The secret to holiday fitness: Don’t undo all your hard work.

Is it possible to be sipping cocktails by the pool and not undo all your hard work from training? If you’re planning a holiday and want some rest and relaxation without having to ‘start all over again’ when you return to everyday life then you need a plan. The good news is that you don’t have to completely commit to your usual exercise routine if your holiday is relatively short term but you do have to do SOMETHING.

Let’s say you’ve been training hard, are looking great and are now just about to leave for a 10 day sunny break with your eyes set on that poolside chair with the odd dip in the ocean. The good news is that over such a relatively short holiday (so NOT a long European getaway) you’re best bet to not losing your fitness levels is to maintain the intensity of your workouts, even if you skip the odd session or make the sessions shorter. INTENSITY IS THE KEY. So let’s say you normally work out five times per week for an hour at a time. You could drop this to say, three times in a week for 20 minutes just for the holiday. As long as you keep up the intensity then you should be able to maintain your fitness somewhat, or at least minimise any fitness losses.

There is a catch. You can’t expect to look great and maintain great fitness levels on a holiday that involves doing absolutely no other movement and overindulging in lots of greasy food and alcohol. Be smart about it. Even better, change your mindset and realise that holidays are a GREAT TIME TO EXERCISE. Think about it, you often have more time than usual and are more relaxed. You could treat your body to so many different types of exercise and really kick-start your fitness. Think about how many different opportunities you could snap up on holidays compared to what your usual routine has to offer.

Exercise ideas for ‘hot’ holidays:Friends playing volleyball on the beach

  • friendly game of volleyball
  • bushwalks
  • tennis
  • bike riding
  • take a skipping rope with you!
  • laps in the pool before breakfast.

No reason to hibernate on those luscious snowy, wintery trips either! Check it out:

  • skiing
  • bushwalking (Aussie winters can be just gorgeous for this)
  • bike riding
  • long scenic walks
  • site-seeing tours
  • hotel gym workouts.

Don’t forget the other holiday activities that simply get you moving to help you burn kilojoules between workouts. Think table tennis, a game of pool and dancing the night away! Remember that you wont come back with a ‘holiday glow’ if you are unfit and have deprived your body of rest and nutritious, yummy food. Happy holidays!

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