What’s really in your kids’ snacks? You might not want to know!

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By Rosemary Marchese

Physiotherapist and mum of 3 fit kids

So, what are you putting in your kids’ lunchboxes? Perhaps the odd packet of bikkies? Are you thinking that a small ‘treat’ after dinner is okay if they eat all their dinner? Well, I’m not here to tell you what to do but you may want to think twice after you read this little list of interesting points I have compiled.

What’s really in your kids’ snacks? You might not want to know!

  1. Diethyl glycol is a chemical used in the place of eggs. It’s also used in anti-freeze and paint removers!
  2. Aldehyde C-17 is an inflammable liquid used in dyes, plastics and rubber. It’s also used as a flavouring for cherry ice-cream. Delicious. Not!
  3. Piperonal is used in the place of vanilla in some ‘foods’. It’s also used to kill lice!
  4. High fructose corn syrup is overwhelmingly the major added ingredient in most soft drinks and flavoured sugary drinks. Despite what the food industry tells you it is not the same as natural sugar! It causes devastation to the body and is very much the cause of obesity and other diseases, not to mention tooth decay.
  5. The food industry will often use the term ‘corn sugar’ in their ingredients list because it sounds like ‘cane sugar’, which is the more natural sugar substance. They are not the same thing!
  6. Some cereals are so filled with added sugar that there is little nutritious value. You are sending your kids to school with nothing healthy in their tummy! And the schools wonder why the kids have an energy slump before morning tea!
  7. Fruit is not the enemy! Really, do you think that apple is making you or your kids fat? Look closely, I reckon there may be something else adding on the kilos!

I’m not saying they shouldn’t have treats. But when did treats become a daily occurrence. Kids today are ‘expecting’ treats. Plus, there are birthday parties and play dates and kids birthday treats at school. Kids are getting more opportunity for treats than ever before! Saying ‘no’ is okay. Or just don’t buy the crap. If it’s not in the house they will soon stop asking.

FBM-Logo-V4Rose is a Fit Busy Mum of 3 fit kids. She aims to empower mums who are time poor. She acknowledges that mums are ‘busy’ but tries to inspire them to regain their fitness through simple everyday habits that she promotes through her book ‘The Fit Busy Mum: Seven habits for success’. Visit www.thefibusymum.com.au

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